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Timely data drives smart strategies.

The foundation of RigDig is its comprehensive tracking of active trucking fleets. Our clients use RigDig to find qualified sales and service prospects, get industry insight, guide strategic planning, and assess competitor market share.

Understand Your Market

1Know Your Market Share

Knowing how much of the market you’ve captured lets you set smart goals for growth.

Know where you stand.

See how your brand stacks up by equipment type, company type, and region.

Know the opportunities.

Identify opportunities for market share growth in fragmented markets or new equipment categories.

Know where to expand.

Plan your dealer locations based on market share growth opportunities.

2Capture trends with auction pricing history.

Filter Top Bid auction data by:
  • Date
  • State
  • City
  • Company
  • Manufacturer
  • Model
  • Model Year
  • Category
  • Hours
  • Miles

3Get the real history of trucks before you trade them.

Pull or search for truck history reports using the VIN.

History reports include everything you need to make an informed decision. This includes any previous loss claims, accidents, inspections, identified owners, UCC Liens, and title history.

4 Use RigDig Priority Prospects to qualify your website traffic.

Identify active equipment buyers before your competitors do.

RigDig Priority Prospects matches visitors to your website to Prospect Profiles so you can be proactive in building relationships with buyers doing research.

Using a proprietary algorithm, a lead score will be generated for each match, indicating the greatest likelihood to buy. You’ll receive daily emails with lead scoring, and a report download with your matches, links to view their Prospect Profiles, and the pages they viewed on your website.

Identify buyers earlier in the buying process.

Arm your sales team with insights.

Drive faster and more productive engagement.

5 Integrate intelligence into your CRM and marketing automation tools with Professional Services.

Whether you’re trying to increase sales from current customers or find new conquest accounts to target, a RigDig Data Integration Package is your first step to significantly improving strategy and execution in your sales tools.

Access key RigDig data in your CRM

Take a data-driven approach to sales and marketing strategy tactics

Sharpen your focus on top prospects

Discover market
growth opportunities

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