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RigDig provides manufacturers insight to guide market decisions and should be part of your big data strategy.

Data-Driven Business Intelligence

The intelligence we provide is both brand and market specific. It is big picture as well as customer-focused. It is up to the minute and historic. Because it is all these things, it lets you see what no other information source provides.



Focus on active fleets for the exact trucks you manufacture.

  • Understand and know your market
  • Set sales targets for dealer AOR’s
  • Provide quality prospects to dealers
  • See regional hot spots, growth trends and emerging markets


Determine and execute marketing strategies with smart data.

  • Generate leads for your sales team
  • Increase your market share by targeting the right prospects
  • Use RigDig Priority Prospects to see which prospects are on your site
  • Know which prospects to call when


Capitalize on service opportunities in your market.

  • Watch historic data to anticipate wear-part replacement needs

Dealer Growth

Insights to grow your dealerships.

  • Guide market decisions
  • Point dealers to qualified sales and service prospects
  • Stock the right products at the right time
  • Know what competing manufacturers are selling in your dealer’s AOR

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