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Timely data drives smart strategies.

The foundation of RigDig is its comprehensive tracking of active trucking fleets. Our clients use RigDig to find qualified sales and service prospects, get industry insight, guide strategic planning, and assess competitor market share.

Identify and Qualify Prospects

1 Start with the Search tool.

The Search tool gives you the power to find and save lists of prospects based on 25+ filters, including location, equipment brand, violations, and vehicle age. You can assign Searches to team members, and share and export Searches.

The Search tool also works with . . .

ProspectMobile: RigDig’s Smartphone App
Find prospects on the go with ProspectMobile. Search by address or current location, identify prospects within a map or list view, filter your searches by proximity, view the prospect overview, and favorite your ideal sales prospects.

2 Use the Prospect Profile for sales insights.

The Prospect Profile gives you all the details you need about a prospect to qualify them and to sharpen your sales approach.

The Prospect Profile answers all your questions.

What equipment do they operate?

The Equipment tab reveals the prospect’s equipment mix and brand preferences, including make, model, year and engine type.

Are they more likely to purchase used or new equipment?

The Fleet Tab shows you the current trucking fleet makeup and exactly how many trucks were bought new, as well as how many were previously operated.

Who should I contact?

Contact information is there for you in the Contact tab.

Where do they operate?

The Activity tab provides a state breakdown map of where the trucking fleet has been active the previous 24 months. In addition to the travel locations the activity tab allows you to view any safety, inspection violations, and accidents.

The Prospect Profile also works with . . .

RigDig Priority Prospects: Identify Website Visitors
Randall-Reilly will analyze your website visitor traffic and identify matches to our verified RidDig Prospect Profiles. Using a proprietary algorithm, a lead score will be generated for each match, indicating the greatest likelihood to buy. You’ll receive daily emails with lead scoring, and a report download with your matches, links to view their Prospect Profiles, and the pages they viewed on your website.
PRM: Prospect Relationship Manager
RigDig’s Prospect Relationship Manager (PRM) allows users to track communication and set reminders within their RigDig account, making it easy to manage important activities throughout your week.
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