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Get Freight Factoring Leads with Expiring Contracts

Most freight factoring companies target new trucking entities, which represent an easy, natural pool of prospects. However, current freight factoring trucking entities go largely untapped as a significant source of new business.

Until recently, current factoring entity leads might have come your way only through referrals. But our proprietary data is now able to identify expiring factoring contracts for targeting and nurturing.

How does it work?

Step 1

On average 250,000 new UCC records are captured and indexed each month across 50 states + D.C.

Step 2

Randall-Reilly matches the UCC data to RigDig and proprietary algorithms to identify who is factoring.

Step 3

Clients receive monthly leads with 8 or 20 month old factoring contracts for conquesting.

The leads you request can be segmented by number of power units, region and more, to suit your business strategy.

With this data months ahead of expiring contract dates, you’ll be able to engage or target leads before other freight factoring competitors do.

Download freight factoring RigDig details.


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