Why Aren’t You Reaching Your Recruiting Goals?

Nothing is more frustrating than putting time, effort, and money into your recruiting and still falling well short of your goals. Unfortunately, this is a feeling that many trucking fleets ...

What Can Facebook Do for Your Dealership?

We recently discussed how useful Search Ads are and how they are a tremendous tool that many dealerships have failed to take advantage of (for more on that you can ...

Can Search Help Your Truck Dealership?

If you’re like most dealerships, you’re missing a huge opportunity to get your name and brand in front of potential buyers and you don’t even know it. In today’s world ...

Flipping the Recruiting Funnel – Target Phase

With this, the final installment of our flipping the recruiting funnel series we end at the beginning. The target phase. If you’re not up to speed, you can check back ...

Flipping the Recruiting Funnel – Connect Phase

Welcome back to the flipping the recruiting funnel series. This week we will be taking a closer look at the connect phase. If you’re new to the series and want ...

Flipping the Recruiting Funnel – Engage Phase

We’ve been discussing the idea of approaching your recruiting in a different manner the past several weeks. We’ve already covered the basic idea of flipping the recruiting funnel and the ...

Flipping the Recruiting Funnel Series – Convert Phase

Welcome back to our ongoing series covering the recruiting funnel. The purpose of these articles is to try and help you gain a new perspective on how you approach and ...

Flipping the Recruiting Funnel Series – Average Lifetime Value

In the introduction to this recruiting funnel series, I briefly touched on what the marketing/sales funnel is and how it relates to your recruiting. As we move forward I will ...

Flipping the Recruiting Funnel Series – Introduction

We’ve talked about the similarities between marketing and recruiting truck drivers a few times here. The articles, 3 Ways to Improve Your Recruiting with Marketing Principles and Content Marketing is ...

How to Stay on Top of the Shrinking Driver Pool

This year, a concern has been raised in the driver recruiting world and it’s bringing up very specific questions, many of which we’ve heard from our clients. Why is cost-per-hire ...

Risk & Reward: How CSA’s data shows discrimination toward small carriers

CCJ takes an in-depth look at data from CSA in its first two years — Here's what it says.

Risk & Reward: Industry, FMCSA at odds over CSA

Trucking advocates have said that CSA does not allow all carriers to play on a level field. FMCSA argues otherwise. Whose argument will win?

CSA’s crash flaw: Enforcement, accident rates do not mesh

FMCSA’s massive safety program shows gaps in correlation between enforcement and accident rates by carrier size.

Crackdown: FMCSA’s putting extra muscle into shutting down truck fleets

From in-depth coverage and data review, it's become clear that FMCSA is putting extra muscle into shutting down truck and bus fleets. Small carriers are most vulnerable.

CSA’s Data Trail sheds light on FMCSA’s safety enforcement program

When the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration officially launched its Compliance Safety Accountability program in December 2010, the trucking industry entered a new era of scrutiny and safety compliance. What fleets didn’t know then was exactly how or to what extent CSA would be enforced, causing a lot of uncertainty and raising a lot of […]

Risk & Reward: CSA data shows independents at risk

Independent wner-operators have a much greater chance of getting inspected and put out of service than owner-operators and company drivers at large carriers, CSA's data shows.

Trucking business intelligence tool gives insight into fleet, owner-operator equipment ownership

Trucking industry manufacturers, dealers and aftermarket providers now have a new tool to help them identify and target prospects. Using RigDig Business Intelligence, they can determine market share, provide their sales forces with information on purchasing behavior, buying cycles and trucks in operation, and integrate this intelligence into their internal CRM solutions. RigDigBI is the […]
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