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RigDig® Business Intelligence, by Randall-Reilly, is the most comprehensive business intelligence on 900,000 + active heavy and medium duty trucking prospects operating in the United States. Our unmatched business intelligence, and easy-to-use tools, help you develop data-driven strategies and improve your sales and marketing effectiveness.

Identify ideal target prospects that are not in your database
Arm your sales team with needed information on customers & prospects
Quickly reach your prospects through multiple channels
Find active fleets and owner operators
Integrate into your CRM tool

Customized Insight on Customers, Prospects and More

Our team of 85+ employees has acquired and partnered with the best information sources available to the trucking industry, combined it into a single view of each entity, cleansed it, and added layers of insight and actionable intelligence.  Here’s a sample of what we’ve pulled into RigDig:

Financing Activity for Trucks & Bodies Custom ABCD Prospect Scoring
Multiple Contact Sources FMCSA Accidents
FMCSA Inspections CSA Scores
Email Hygiene Lanes Travelled
USDOT Reported Information Telephone Appends
Dun & Bradstreet Firmographics US Postal Service Deliverability CleansingRigDig_BI_DataDictionary
Equipment Standardization Construction Equipment Owned
Brand Affinity Much more . . .

243 Fields of Business Intelligence

Leveraging both proprietary and publicly available data sources on the fleets, their equipment, their financing activity and their activity, our team of analysts has transformed data into 243 standard entity related fields of actionable insights on each active trucking entity (Scorecard Plus).  With a RigDig Data Integration Package, up-to 157 fields of insights are available for download in the online tool (Scorecard).  Download a PDF to view the complete RigDig BI Data Dictionary »

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